Half a Moon Away


So many moons have passed by
So many moons have left us behind
So many words… for so many years unheard
So many words… for so many years unsaid.
How many more moons will I have to wait?

How many more moons will we have to stumble upon?
How many more times will we be lucky enough?
How many more times will we get up
How many more times after we have fallen down?

I look up at night and you’re there
Shining, smiling, staring down at me
How many more times will I wait for you to be full?
Do I need to wait another 10 years for you
To fill up my life again?

…I will not wait any longer…

(This post best read while listening to:
Camping Next to Water by Badly Drawn Boy)



There is nothing as unforgiving as the passing of time.

Grasp the moments as they pass by
Hold them close to you
And stare them in the eye

For when they are gone
They are gone
And they are not coming back

Time (or the Most Devilish Invention)

2013-07-12 13.29.12-1

There is an unfair distribution of time. Good times go fast, bad times just draaaag. Ever since time was created (who was that person?), there have been different ways of distributing it. Obligations take a big chunk of it every day. What is left then?

Of course, just like it happens with any other worthy resource, the time that’s left gets stolen, hidden, taken away and kept away from those unaware of its power.

There are so many hours a day that are just given away to things or people who do not deserve it, who are not worth it. Time is one of the most valuable resources we count on as human beings, without it, we are nothing. Timeless beings are either dust or unborn.

Once you’re given your allocation of time, use it wisely. Invest it on things and people that would make your life more valuable, more enjoyable, more appealing and more memorable. When time passes, we are left with memories. Let’s make the most of those and try they trigger a smile (or even a laughter) when we look back at them.

Therefore we shouldn’t settle for someone or for a situation or experience that would only give out crumbs of leftover time. We are worth so much more. Our time is.

And regardless, time is an invention. In a way, you can control it as you wish. Expand it like play dough by doing as much as you can. Be selfish when using it, for in the end, that is all that is left until we disappear: unused time. And it is ticking away. Always.

So no more just staring while time passes (us) by. Let’s let time stare at us while we live instead.

The Hundred Percent Rule

2013-07-13 20.35.43-1

This rule is being one of my most used ones for a few years now. It’s pretty simple but from time to time I need to remind myself about it.

It is either a hundred percent or nothing, it’s either all in or no gambling: put your heart into whatever you do or don’t do it.

Yes, pretty often your heart will end up in pieces and (hardly) floating in an alcoholic drink but hey, worth the chance…, right…?