Peanuts (the Greener Side)


It is already February. It is time to realize whether we are still committed to our new year’s resolutions or we are already leaving them to be forgotten until next January.

My main resolution this year was to not complain so much, to live things as they come and enjoy every moment. No more thinking about the past, and thinking only a little (whatever is just necessary) about the future.

I realized there will always be situations that are going to bother me, but now what I just tell myself is “peanuts”. Then I turn around and start thinking about something else. I am aware it sounds strange but this is my reasoning:

We have all heard that grass is greener on the other side, so therefore, why are we not looking at our grass from the other side of the street? When I’m not happy about something now, I step outside of my life for a moment and see it from the outside, see it how everyone else sees it and sees me. Seeing things from accross the street makes them seem shinier, lighter, better and happier. I realize that my life is good and the things I complain about are just “peanuts”, nothing, nonsense.

I have the most wonderful friends. I have a job that I like. I have amazing work colleagues. I have an extraordinary life companion. I live in a free country, I travel, I do fun activities… The list could go on. (And yours could too!).

It turns out after all, it is not so bad to be me.
[This post best read while listening to:

My Bloody Mind by Maximo Park]