A Leap of Faith (All In)

There are times in your life when you feel like jumping off board, others like jumping into a pool, sometimes like jumping out of a window, or needing to jump over an obstacle, or jumping at a sudden chance, or jumping on a plane and just leave and not look back.

I would say that I tend to be very cautious and I like to see where I’m going to land before I even stand up. My latest approach to life though is rather opposed to that, it is to live and to enjoy, and that’s it.

This is the time though when I really need to prove that I’ll follow that approach. It is the time to either take a huge leap of faith, or decide to let the the rubber band do its dance one again: first closer, then further away, and repeat again.

On the one hand, I know very well how the rubber band works, and I have no clue whether I’ll land on my feet when I jump. On the other hand, could the jumping be worth it? Absolutely. I have no doubt it could be amazing.

I am a hundred percent sure the leap is the way to go. I’ve wrapped up the self convincing arguments and made up my mind to it and to everything else that comes along.

I am committed to the jump. There we go, my friend, wherever it’ll lead us to, it’s life to its fullest, all in.

[This Post Best Read While Listening to:

Dance on a Volcano by Genesis]