Playing It Big

 A few weeks ago, amidst the wild storm of events I’ve been submerged into lately, I had a very interesting conversation with a really good friend.
He’s an amazing person who doesn’t tell you the right things, because he’d rather ask you the right questions, and I absolutely love him for that.

We have spoken so many other times of life and love, of love and hate, of hate and forgiveness, of forgiveness and happiness.
Last time, it ended up being a 3 hour-long conversation that lasted until almost 5am on a school night. This time it was a 4 hour-long discussion that felt like a few months worth of talking but condensed in what felt like just an hour. It was a very much needed talk.

Amongst the many things we discussed that night, one of them came back to my mind unexpectedly a few days ago, like the sort of things that you remember from a dream when a few hours have passed: it really hits you and you remember and think about it nonstop for a while. Since remembering, I can’t shake it.

This time it was about life, and how in order to make it big (meaning having a complete and happy life) we have to play it big. True that we could lose big too. But if we don’t risk because we are afraid to lose, we would be living only halfway. And living halfway is like losing somehow.

It seemed so simple, but at the same time so complicated. Sometimes we lack the push, the will, the guts, because we are scare of losing. But losing the chance of doing something because of fear, it’s still that: losing.
So let’s play it big.

I’ve recently put myself (or circumstances might have put me) in a position in which the result could be a huge win or a huge loss. This hand has being played for many many years but it feels this time is the definite one. The best (or the worst) could be yet to come.
Wish me luck.

(This post best read while listening to:
Lightning Risked It All by Songs:Ohia)