And the time has finally arrived.
This is me refusing to keep trying, this is me just sitting down and refusing to walk. This is me refusing to believe that things will be better, because they won’t, they never do.

I’ve finally ended up losing faith. I’ve lost faith in things working out for me in the end. I’ve lost faith in people being there. I feel completely hopeless. I’m done with this ride.

This is the inside eating out toward the outside, and I can’t be bothered to stop it. I’m done trying. I’ve done it long enough.

I give up. I’m tired of always being there for nothing good.
I’m tired of hearing just echoes at home, I’m tired of going to places on my own.
I’ve lost all faith and therefore I’ve lost it all.

[This post best read while listening to:

Two Blue Lights by Songs:Ohia]


One thought on “Hopeless

  1. Why do you think that you should give up? Why do not you understand that all of us need you? Why do not you know that you have the chance to have near you your family, friends and people who love you? Why are you so rude with yourself? Sorry to repeat that you are an amazing and great person; sorry for being so happy for knowing you. Sorry for telling you that you deserve all the best but there are people who do not have the advantages that you have


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