Facing Yourself

I’ve been sat down and talked to so many times. Face to face, told off, being yelled at and explained that what I did was wrong, that I shouldn’t have done this or that, and that I should have done something else instead. I’m always wrong, it seems I never get to do anything right.

I have a feeling that half of the world tells the other half what to do. Why is that so I’d like to know. What makes these people feel entitled to sit us down and tell us that we are not good enough, that we should’ve done differently, that we did everything wrong? What gives them the right to think they are better than us and that we should hear all about it?

We all have to face ourselves every day. I do at least. If these people keep doing the same things over and over though, it makes me think that they do not face themselves at all. If they see the consequences of the things they do and the hurtful words they coldly slap you in the face with and keep doing it, it means they don’t see a thing.

It is heartbreaking. I’ve never done anything with the intention of hurting anyone and yet again I get told off quite often by the people who I care about the most. It is getting tiring and to be honest I don’t know if I could take it one more time.

I would love to sit down with these people and make them realize the lies they tell, and the pain they cause, how wrong they are and how unfairly they behave.

I would love to sit them down and tell them off.
Because at some point they should face themselves for a change.

(This post best read while listening to:
We Have this Place Surrounded by The Boxer Rebellion)