The Fruit

At some point last week I had a weird dream: I was about to go on vacation with a very special and dearest someone. I was passing big oranges to him to pack in the caravan in which we were going to be traveling. At some point he decided there were enough oranges and it was time to go. So he started driving and I almost fall off the van while he was speeding off.
I asked him to stop so I could go home and collect my things for the trip and we agreed that we would be leaving the following day.

But he never showed up the following day. And as I was asking to hold the trip for one day, I had felt I knew he would never show up. But I discarded that hunch and still asked. It was the least I could do for myself.

The feeling after this dream didn’t leave me alone for a good few hours.
I guessed then that it meant I can see things coming my way but for some reason I tend to not pay attention. Or I ignore them in hopes that they’ll disappear or that I’ll be wrong. But I don’t really want to think about it at the moment.

(This post best read while listening to:
Coxcomb Red by Songs:Ohia)