Building Bridges

Bridges are wonderful structures. Some of them I find them to be overwhelming. Because they stand very tall. They are there to connect places that otherwise would be isolated or very difficult to get to.

Lately I’ve been either destroying bridges or not building them at all. And to be honest I have not cared.
Because I’ve finally realized that bridges are built from both sides, and those two sides should meet somewhere in the middle.

Therefore we all need to put bricks on it. Even though sometimes you have to walk back your half of it because when you get to the middle, there is no platform on the other side. The person who was supposed to build the other half might have decided not to, or might be a shitty builder and that side of the structure fell off, causing a loud clatter and a huge cloud of smoke. It made you run back for your life. And that was me running away.
I’ve been hesitant to move a finger to be close to a bridge after that.

But also, I guess that bridges get deteriorated like any other structure, when you don’t maintain them properly.

It would be good to not build bridges that lead you to just a deep void. But…

From just a little time ago I’ve started to build bridges again, hoping for the other half of the bridge to be there when I reach it.

I’ve been laying bricks little by little, and I’ve been finding people who I care about and who care about me. And that’s what matters.
And I know that because I can see them building their side towards me. And because I had seen other bridges being burnt in front of me. I can tell the difference.

Thanks to this reborn willingness to build, I have discovered wonderful people in the distance, across the bridge: carrying smiles that are endlessly contagious even when they arrive in the shape of multiple smileys on a text message, smiles that are impossible to not mirror when seen in person. I had almost forgotten… all about the unstoppable smiles and all about what if felt like to see somebody that’s determined to tear the walls down and get to you.

This bridge on the picture is located in Andorra. But bridges could be built anywhere.

In the end, wherever these bridges are, the point is that we shouldn’t be building on our own. Bridges don’t work that way. What really matters is not to cross them, but to build them to find someone halfway.

(This post best read while listening to:
Every Breaking Wave or
Walk to the Water, both by U2)


2 thoughts on “Building Bridges

  1. Amazing post ****. It has a deep meaning and it does the reader can reflect about several aspect of our behaviours. You are always building bridges, because you are a pretty good and marvellous person. I always liked being a builder, and I try far more to put bricks for others than to maintain live myself, because I do know perfectly that I am only one insignificant human being. That is why if some times I put bricks, I do not hope anyone on the other side. I only like the best for others, but I do not mind about my present or future. Ionesco said than the smile is really significant for been a happy person, and you have a nice smile. Pretty, pretty good post Susana.


    • Thanks Albert. But be very aware that you are not insignificant. We are as insignificant as we allow other people (and ourselves) to think. That is why I refer to the bridges, because they have to be built on both sides, at the same time. Otherwise, just walk back your way and build another bridge towards others who are building in your direction. There will always be those who will not build to meet you in the middle, but there will also be those who definitely will.
      My opinion is that we should never stop building bridges, but only towards people who are willing to build towards you as well. Thanks a lot for reading, as usual. šŸ™‚


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