Le Rêve (The Dream)


(Il faut rêver presque tous les jours)
(It’s necessary to dream almost every day)

There’s not a single day in my life when I don’t think of the people who are not in my life anymore.

I see things around and they remind me of things that that person used to do, or things that we both used to do together. And it makes me smile (a melancholic smile) every time.
They’re dreamy images of a dreamy past.

One needs to dream to keep the bad memories away, dream to hope for good memories to come.
Dream to keep thinking (hoping) that things are going to get better soon.
Dream because life will always be there, willing to turn a dream into a nightmare.
I miss that person. A lot. I understand a lot more. A lot.
More dreaming.

Pretty soon, it seems I’ll need to make decisions, too many and too important. Whether I stay and try to settle or leave and stay in a permanent unstable state, where the only thing that’ll be for sure will be change and instability.

Surprisingly the idea of settling is the most attractive, but unfortunately, there’s nothing to tie me down to a settled life.
I can just give up and settle on the idea of never settling.
But that’d be the easy way out. I’ve done that too many times.

What an irony that I never really wanted to settle and now I’d love to have a reason to have to.

Then there’s no other choice but to dream: that one day soon I won’t have to dream anymore because I’ll be living my dream.
I’ll keep dreaming.

(This post best read while listening to:
Formidable by Stromae)