Waking Up


Last two days I’ve been waking up pretty early in the morning. Actually, way before sunrise. I would toss and turn, and finally go back to sleep with birds already singing as a background noise.
Two days in a row, during that short sleep between the birds and the sound of the alarm clock, each night one different person from my past has appeared in my dreams to have a conversation with me.

One of those conversations was pretty straightforward, almost felt like we were following a dialogue. The other one was much less pleasant, and I ended up throwing a giant green olive to that person’s forehead and walking away down a busy stone-paved street.

As I write I hope I have a more pleasant way of waking up tomorrow, for a change.
What does it all mean, though? I do not have a clue. A giant olive? Seriously?
Maybe my mind is probably just getting rid of some mental clutter, because I guess after all, spring is the perfect time to do a bit of spring cleaning.

(This post best read while listening to:
So Real by Jeff Buckley)