Stealing from Fate (or Unfolding the Maze)


The full moon shines bright outside
It reminds me that time is up
Or it might have been up a while back

…pieces and puzzles, pieces and puzzles…

Up until not too long ago I used to believe in fate, in a higher destiny shaping our lives, now I am not so sure.
I used to believe that fate was a straight line that we follow. If you find a juncture, you choose a path, the one you’re supposed to. Then, you’re still following one path, the path, your path. That path is a straight line, it’s the only path.

Now I believe that there is not such straight line, there are still crossroads, but we choose wrong roads, winding roads, shortcuts, dead-ends or the road less traveled. It is all a maze, and the more we walk, the deeper we go into it and the harder it is to find our way back (or forward).

The maze is a huge puzzle that has a lot of pieces, and hard enough as it is to find matching pieces, we misplace them all the time, by taking wrong turns. I believe we are all thieves, we steal from destiny, we play with it and fool it: we take one piece from here and then leave it there, or we take the wrong piece and keep it, when we are supposed to let it go for another to find.

We are all pieces and puzzles at the same time, which means we might be missing a few pieces ourselves, never to be found and thus maybe forcing us to end up being just incomplete pictures.

So how do we know when we are stealing from fate? When we are complicating the maze even further?
There is no way of knowing.
There is no way (out).
I am
Walking back this road real fast
Looking for the last crossroad
I took.
I am going back to the start.
Cause we were never given the map.


(This post best read while listening to:
La Llorona by Caifanes)



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