Living Passion


You either run towards death while you enjoy the way or
you let death run after you until it catches you.

When you’re trying to step out of a roller coaster, you realize that in order to make it out of it alive, you need to step into another one.
This second roller coaster might not necessarily come in the same shape as the previous one, but it needs to provide the same feeling. Feelings need to be replaced.
The replacement is now passion.

Living with passion, that is my duty. I will run towards death but will enjoy the way. Death is always there to back you up and hold you down, or staring at you to make you run away from it faster.

To live with passion you really have to want to live and experience, and enjoy. And sometimes suffer. Passionately.
What are the things that you always wanted to do and thought so much about it that it paralyzed you? No judgments, no opinions to stop you. As long as you don’t hurt anyone, do as you please, do as you like. You ride the new roller coaster, you lead it. So, build a bucket list, and then demolish it by crossing things out when they’re done.

“Dealing with permanent things (begin with inked ones).” Check!
“Turn my passion into my job.” Working on it!

Build, build, build… then destroy it all, (détruisons tout!), with passion.

(This post best read while listening to:
Staying Alive by Cursive, or
Ready to Start by Arcade Fire)


2 thoughts on “Living Passion

  1. I really like this article; you mix up feelings that the people usually have, and you mention the most significant one: the passion.
    “living with passion”, this is really kind, really beautiful, and you are right, this is the secret.
    A usually wake up telling me that I should have passion everyday, and at least I try it. “all of us run towards death” and this is pretty sure, and at the same time it is marvellous, because this means that all of us are equal and does not matter the money, the position, etc. I do not have fear to death, but I should confess that I am fear to express my sentiments, because I am usually paralysed when I am face to face with the most beautiful and valued people. I have to confess that this is one of my multiple weaknesses. Then, when I am alone, I think about this fear, but I cannot overcome it; maybe I am really sensible and shy; I am really demanding by myself and I am fear to failure.
    I also love your words “but I will enjoy the way”, because the way is the real life; an amazing path that is worth following with love.


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