The Compensation (Even It Out)

2014-01-15 21.03.49

For every plus there is a minus.
For every brightness, there is a shadow.

Everything needs to be compensated, balanced in the end. Whether you get the good end of the scale or the bad one, they cancel one another, you’re counteracted, used to stabilize, to steady things, to restore the equilibrium.
And there you are, swinging violently from side to side around a “center” that you fly past but never to stay at.

Tilting, shifting, swaying, swinging, fluctuating… but no stopping in the middle: no harmony ever.

The hardest part is to not be able to stop and share. From across things always look different. I’m missing that other outlook, I would love to get a different perspective, another point of view now that what’s in stake involves changes, but hey, blatantly, dependence times offset independence times.

I thought an “X” would mark the place, but it didn’t. Where’s my map? The “X” didn’t seem right when we looked at it through the window, and we moved away from it years ago.

Now, what remains is once again more tilting, shifting, swaying, swinging, fluctuating…
More deciding… on my own.

(This post best read while listening to:
Love on the Rocks by Neil Diamond)