Heading Towards Disaster

I guess this post could have also been called: Running With Knives.

I am sure there’s been times in your life when you’ve known you were heading towards a mess, but nevertheless you continued, you kept walking down the same pathway even though you knew that it wasn’t leading to a good place and was eventually going to leave you as a wreck.
Those times when we see it coming, why don’t we stop it? Is it because our hope is endless? Is it because we trust ourselves so much we think we can make it happen otherwise? Is it because we live in denial? Or is it because we want to be right?

Sure you can add a few more possible explanations. Each of them would be as right as many people there are on the face of Earth.

To me, it makes no sense, what’s the answer? If we are on a ship that you can see is heading directly towards the rocks, why do we stay there? Watching ourselves being drifted away… And wasted away.
“Don’t reach out, don’t reach out…”*

Denial is my best guess, or maybe just the one that suits me best. And hope. Endless hope that brings along denial and plain, foolish blindness.
But: “…just ’cause you feel it, it doesn’t mean it’s there”*.

*(Taken from the recommended song for this post).

(This post best read while listening to:
There, There – The Boney King of Nowhere by Radiohead)


2 thoughts on “Heading Towards Disaster

  1. Several years ago I put on my appartment board the following article, by Juan José Millás; it is in spanish language so I will reduce it, but I won’t translate to English: “¿no ha tenido usted nunca la sensación de haber sido expulsado de su vida como cuando nos apeamos accidentalmente del autobús en la parada que no es?…¿qué hacer cuando uno se queda fuera de su propia vida?… la mitad de la gente que vemos bajo las marquesinas callejeras fingiendo esperar el autobús, esperan en realidad que vuelva a pasar su vida por delante para retomarla de nuevo, aunque sea en marcha”. All the people spend their life thinking in banalities; such as worrying about the work, the money, and when they get elderly they think that they only had a futile life; why? because they hadn’t enjoyed the path, the days, the hours; the seconds; because they did not understood that the money, the envies amongs colleages or friends or people do not get any good final. so, the habitants shold enjoy every day as if it was the last one.


    • Yeah… Being pushed out the wrong bus exit… It’s a good way of putting it, to be honest. Again, I love having a person to share my everyday life, and also so that person share their life (even banalities) with me. Sharing banalities is highly appreciated, at least for me. I have the need to share. I couldn’t live in a cave, isolated from my “other self” right next to me. Thanks for commenting and for your support Albert.


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