The frailty of life


In which world is a 31-year old destined to die in his sleep?
What kind of deities allow a family to be suddenly destroyed like that?

Life is so fragile, it is so unfairly decided who lives, how and for how long.

Who should have the right to decide? It makes me think of Buddhist beliefs and karma, but why the heck do we have to wait for another life to get justice? It is all very twisted.

Life is fragile, so let’s love, laugh, smile and cry as if it was our last day alive, because it might just very well be. Tell people you love them and don’t sweat the small stuff.
Life is too precious and sometimes so short it is not worth it being f***ing upset for f***ing stupid things with the people you love.
That is not living, that is living death.

I am upset with life and with unfairness. But I guess it’s a deal we can’t break, or can we?
F*** this.

It’s Quiz Night tonight, but the only answers I’m looking for are: why and what for?


4 thoughts on “The frailty of life

  1. The life is not just; this was a tragedy and that is why we don’t understand anything. But we, as human should know that is as a dream; and in this dream we should give all that we have. Give, give and give all our love, all our optimist, all our generosity. And if we don’t receive anything, the answer should be the same: give.


    • True… But sometimes it gets to a point when you give out everything, you empty yourself, up to a point when there is nothing else to give, your insides just turn into a huge void, impossible to fill.


    • Yes, I usually have this void, because I am always thinking how I could improve my faults. But at least, I am sure that I have done all, and also I know perfectly that nobody apreciate it; but I am sure of my behaviour. All days, I am thinking that it should be better for me to change the job, to change my life, to phone my city in order to go on, so maybe we are not always happy, but at least, we should try to be; the secret: I did not find yet, but I sm pretty sure that I will find it.


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