And Reality Ripped Open


Once reality rips open, it can’t ever be closed again…

Not through the zipper
Not through the seam
Reality has been ripped open right in the middle of it.

It’s a brutal tear
No needle and thread can mend it
No glue or staples
Can fake it
Nothing can fix it
There are no tools and no toolbox

I’m slipping through the rip
No rope to hold on to
Except for the hope
Of this very new kiss

And I am sorry for those who have always been there
For those very very few
If no tools could work
I might as well give it all up
And just go

Innocence and hope just flees
Cynism settles in
Nothing tastes the same
Nothing smells the same
Nothing feels the same
If there is anything to feel
At all

(This post best read while listening to – once again):
How to Disappear Completely by Radiohead)

(The picture that opens this post is River Liffey that is mentioned in the song)