New Beginnings (reloaded) or The End of the Road


Nothing like new beginnings, good and bad. After being deeply heartbroken, unfairly left behind, pushed away and strongly misunderstood, here comes the beginning of (yet) another year.

I could write about many things today, but I’m not sure about where to begin.

Living so intensely, and trying so hard to end up your life laying inertly on a bed. Is it worth it? Was it worth it? The struggle? The trying? The putting out your heart on the line? I am not so sure.

(This post best read while listening to: Waiting for the Night to Fall by Depeche Mode)


One thought on “New Beginnings (reloaded) or The End of the Road

  1. It’s worth you, because you have many positive values that most of us would like to have. Struggle for you, because we ( your family and friends) really need you.


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