When Reality Hits

2013-10-30 18.57.28

The world is a balanced place that is in constant unbalance. That is in fact the overall balance, it is even, but in constant movement, constantly fighting and struggling to stay like that. We’re all looking for an ideal, for perfection and the utopian situation, but then, reality ends up hitting to unbalance us.

Then we are the ones who struggle, trying to stay afloat (and sane) like a tiny boat in the middle of a storm.

So the only thing that is always there is change, the only sure thing is instability and obviously the agitation that produces not knowing when the lightning is going to strike.

What do we do then? The disturbance caused by the tension must be compensated by some kind of delectable treat from life.

Life is never perfect and I guess that is ok, because we are certainly not perfect either.