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What prompts people to write? I wonder what makes us want to share our intimate thoughts, wonderings (and wanderings) and even fears sometimes with those who read.

Over the years, I have known and still know many people who write and it is interesting I have never known why they do it, but what’s most interesting: why did they start in the first place?

I remember writing short stories and essays for school. But also, I used to write other things at home way before that, when I was a (very) little kid. For a while I wrote a lot of poetry, then stories, then as a teenager I used to have a diary. And after that I quit writing altogether for years. I realized I wasn’t able to go back to my writings and feel comfortable re-reading them. Looking back in time now, I think I did not recognize myself in those words, that was not me I thought, I could not understand (or stand) myself. Writing started being not rewarding at all, it was actually making me feel awful. So I stopped.

Quite a few years later, words and ideas were starting to build up again. Around the same time, I met a person who used to write a lot and encouraged me to start writing again. And little by little, even though there had been some time from then until now when I have not written a single word, everything began to flow again. Good thing is that I’ve come to terms with myself and now I can read what I write. 😀

Why do people feel like they have to write? For those who write, writing is a crying need I think. Some people need to paint, others to compose music (I so wish I could!). That need becomes an urge. You have to let something out. Is it because we have some kind of unfulfilled need to express ourselves, to be understood, to be listened to? Are we then the only ones who are unfulfilled in this sense, then? Is it that we need to stand out in the crowd? And if we write fiction, is it because we want to be somebody else? I do not think that’s it. Fact is I had rarely ever shared anything I wrote until internet became available.

Funny that people who like reading eventually start writing, people who listen to music eventually start composing or playing. They support their favorite activity in another way. They jump to the other side of the board and become creators instead of just spectators. But this is not necessarily so either all the time.

So writing is definitely a need… But need for what? Maybe when you write you just feel like having some sort of conversation, sometimes with yourself. Or at least I do at times. 😉


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