Little Pieces of Truth

Little by little life keeps taking its course.
And everyone we meet adds something to it. Whether it is a big portion or a little portion but it is always something. All turned into tiny pieces that are like sand on which we walk.

At times the sand gets soft as sugar and it feels sweet under our feet, other times the grains are bigger and the nice stroll gets rocky and hard to enjoy. Sometimes we even have to climb on an edgy rock that will hurt our bare feet. We will wonder why that rock was put there, even wonder why it made our skin bleed.
Sometimes the sand will be too hot to bear and we will walk in big steps to get through it the sooner the better.
Sometimes the tiny grains on the pathway turn into quicksand, that could take us to dark places little by little, without even noticing the downwards movement, the growing darkness, desperation and frustration of not being able to get out.

Sometimes we will succumb. And sometimes there will be a helping hand that will get us out.

Grains of sand that make your pathway through life, they are the tiny pieces that can bring so much joy or so much pain. Everyone adds to it. Push away the rocks and the chunky sand. Surround yourself of soft, sugary-textured sand that will make your walk a magnificent one. And then, do not forget to enjoy.