When Life Takes a Real Turn

There is always a moment in anyone’s life when life takes a real turn.
After that turning point, there is no way back, life becomes difficult, your decisions are no longer a matter of fate or a matter of “everything is going to be alright”, no more fairy tales and no more heavenly help, no more childish wishes becoming true. This is the point when anything you decide can f*** up your life, no more “emergency exits”, no more easy way-outs are available.

When life becomes real all of a sudden, crossroads are dark places, full of spiderwebs and you’re holding no map. Your instinct will get you somewhere, but you hardly ever know where. You’re on your own.

I am sure you can remember that very moment. What then? Since that moment, I have been trying to live my life as if it was a book I am writing. What would I like to read? But maybe I am no good writer either…

(This post best read while listening to:
I Am the Highway by Audioslave)