The Meaning of Success

2013-09-21 21.43.11-2

What is success? What do you understand it is that makes you believe a person is successful?
Is it professional success that you consider? Personal success? A fair combination of both? What’s the perfect combination? Or could one even compensate the other?
Who says this level and not below is when you can start considering someone successful? Where is the bottom limit and who sets it?

Whatever people say, it always works against you. When people tell you you’re successful, you do not believe it, there is always something you think it’s missing. If they tell you you’re not, you might think and feel otherwise, because you do not need anything else.

The person who decides how successful you are and why it is solely you. Why are we looking at whether we are successful or not? Does success equal happiness?

It is not what you do, the only thing that is going to tell you whether you are and why is just the reflection of yourself, whatever you are able to see. Look closely and whatever people say, be aware that you might think and see otherwise, for better or for worse.

(This post best read while listening to: Want by The Cure)