Considering Selfishness

How many inconsiderate people do you know? It is interesting that they are usually random people that we haven’t met before.

Should we look into those inconsiderate actions or dwell on them? Or should we just look further than that and not consider them at all?
Inconsiderate actions repeat themselves over and over, they jump from person to person like a grasshopper. Where does inconsideration come from? From pure selfishness, undoubtedly. Is it wrong to be selfish? It depends.

There is one kind of selfishness that makes you move forward and it doesn’t require you to step on anybody’s life to do so. Whereas inconsiderate selfishness just creates negativity all the way. When you receive it from somebody you get in a bad mood and that bad mood makes you pass it on to somebody else.

What should we do with these inconsiderately selfish people? Wouldn’t it be fair that they just automatically vanish off the face of the Earth? Or how about they get strikes 1, 2 and 3 and then out! …ideal… But so impossible unfortunately.

Then, let’s just look further, beyond what we see, beyond what we feel when we encounter them, ignore their inconsiderate behavior and stop those actions from being spread all over.
You can be selfish, but look further, be it only if you are considerately selfish.

(This post best read while listening to:
Blame It On The Tetons by Modest Mouse)