The Unplanned

There are so many things that we plan. On a September weekend we can plan any activity outdoors, as the weather will most likely be nice at this time of the year.
I would say that when we are not doing anything, the only one thing we are indeed doing is planning something, thinking about the future, thinking always ahead. Life then turns into a series of endless and hopeful plans.

How many of those plans do actually come out the way we thought they would? We can’t plan the unexpected but definitely need to count on its star appearance at some point in time.

When a plan turns out wrong we go back and retrace our steps, relive moments and situations that got us to the bad outcome. Do we beat ourselves up when things don’t go as planned?
Let go, let go. Don’t dwell in those negative thoughts. They’ll abate and finally fade away but only with time.

If the plan turns out better than expected we call it good luck, a good turn of destiny, a sign from the stars.
Is it really so? Don’t we also beat ourselves up about it? Don’t we wonder whether (or even when) that luck is going to wear off and leave us where we were in the first place? Can we not just take as it is and enjoy the good result, asking no further questions?

Expecting a nice summer day in September but getting a cloudy one is unexpected. Planning is good, but being ready to embrace the unplanned is even better. Especially when the unplanned makes you smile.

(This post better read while listening to:
Wrong, by Depeche Mode).