The Things We Share

Maths in school used to be easy when we were young. What I used to like about it is that everything just had one solution (the only solution), everything clicked, and worked and was perfectly designed to work that way.
Then years passed and little by little maths started becoming more complicated. But still one solution. If you know the calculations, you would get to it. You just needed to know the way.

With this passing of time, we were also introduced to other type of maths: the maths of life. These are similar in a way. They get harder as we progress: we add, substract, divide and multiply people situations, experiences, happenings in our lives, whether good of bad. Sometimes these maths get so complicated that we have no clue of how we got to the final result. And on top of it, we don’t even know whether it is the right result.

But, I found that there is at least one calculation in the maths of life that is extremely simple, easy to remember and easy to understand.

We only need to know how to do one thing: sharing.
It does the trick, it always works. Have you noticed that when we share something good it gets multiplied? Good times increase their effect when shared.
Also, if we share a bad moment with someone, doesn’t it get better? The negative effect of it gets divided by two.

Did you do the math? Good times are improved when shared, the bad times are reduced when shared.

Try sharing, it works every time.