Total Disconnection

In an world that’s always connected, never sleeping and never stopping, it is so easy to get caught in the ever swirling wheel of everyday life and routine.
A weekend off is never enough and a few hours rest doesn’t have a winding down effect.

Most of the time we are so caught up in that fast track that the only thing we see is the blurred images of everything we are passing by and leaving behind at the speed of light.

What is there to do? How do we step off that speeding train our lives have become?

Break the circle, jump off the train and disconnect. Literally. Turn off your cellphone, go somewhere unfamiliar, where the surroundings catch your eye, where they stimulate your senses and make you feel alive. I am sure you could find many places and they are not that far away from your usual hangout.

One day there will feel like five, and when you’re back into your routine, you will be fully charged and you will feel you’re able to go at a slower pace and enjoy the ride.

Slow down, stop and disconnect. Live. Enjoy. Just be there. Really BE there in order to live.