Disruptive Behavior

Who hasn’t ever thought of breaking away, leaving everything behind and not looking back?

Well I would say that if you haven’t, you haven’t really lived.
The good side of wanting to break free is that we are fully living a situation, experiencing it to its deepest. Alright, you might call it “being wrapped up” in a situation, but the bottom of it is the same thing: being really there.

Then it is ok from time to time not only wanting to break free, but actually doing it, or doing something different, completely unexpected, outrageous, uncalled for and more importantly genuinely felt.

This picture of an apparently autumn sky was actually taken a couple of days ago, still in July. It was nice for a change to see what the clouds were like before the summer and what they will be like in a few months again.
I guess it is a quick reminder that things are not usually to stay the same, or even that they were never like they are today.

That disruptive behavior from time to time is healthy, we all are entitled to it, we deserve it and should not be penalized for it, because that capacity indeed is what makes us free.

Be disruptive some time (with measure of course) and enjoy it, it is completely fine. 😊