Majestic Forces

2013-07-13 16.23.40-1

Today I realized that life is a constant fight. Of course, look at the news (with measure and in small doses only, please) where we are shown everything that is wrong, or about to go wrong or looking like it could go wrong. Look at the history we are taught in school or that we read in non fiction best sellers, all of them tell the story of people fighting for their ideas, for their freedom, for resources, for a piece of land… Fair or unfair, right or wrong might be the reasons behind them, there had always been fights.

In every fight there are two parties (at least). But what happens if it’s just us as individuals, though? We do not need anybody else to be at war. Every day we fight against ourselves: obligations, duties, morals or even self-awareness will not ever let us be in peace with ourselves.

These constant fights are no other thing than opposing forces pushing and pulling, bringing us forwards and backwards into the positive and negative, the black and the white, the darkness and the brightness.

These majestic forces are always on the move. They compensate the good with some bad, the coldness with a little warmth and the highs with a few lows.

The important thing is that in the end (no matter whether you call it karma or forces of nature or any other name) life will find a way to even it all out, I am sure. This world could not be held together if it wasn’t like that.

So hold on through the bad moments, because they are to be counterbalanced by some good ones. And therefore, enjoy the good ones before the bad ones arrive. It is the way it all works and it all comes down to balancing opposing forces.