Seeing Through

Even though sometimes we don’t notice, we can see through things. We can even see through people.

How many times have you looked at something or at someone, see what’s right in front of you but also “see” some other things through, after the initial look.

Sometimes we are looking at something good but we can identify the wrong in it. Some other times we can be looking at something bad and “see” the good in it.

We see so many more things than we realize. I would also say sometimes we don’t want to admit that we do, but we definitely see them.

Why is it like that? Do we choose to ignore certain realities? Do we choose to see things a certain way because it matches our current circumstances? Or do we do it because it is easier that way? Should we avoid seeing those certain things?
Not all is bad either, we are also able to see the difficult things but focus on the sunlight coming through.

Next time you look at something (or at someone, or at a situation) be honest to yourself: what do you really “see”?