Static Reality

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I don’t remember a time in my life when I haven’t been looking forward to something. Whether it was finishing my studies, beginning new ones, getting a job, moving somewhere else… The life I was living was never good enough. The following year was always going to be better. There was a drive, a passion, that would make things move forward.

Now, though, everything has suddenly changed. Everything is good! I have found myself in a moment when everything I am requesting of life is to not change, or at least, not to take away from me any of the things I am discovering and enjoying so much.

All of a sudden I find myself being fearful of illnesses, fatalities and any occurrences that could prevent me from being where I am right now. Of course the drive and the passion are still there, I still have dreams and things I want to see happening. And even though I am aware this is a very good moment in my life and I am enjoying it, the fact that I know I am very content makes me aware of how much I got and therefore how much I could lose.

Weird, huh? So our minds work in a way that’ll never let us rest. We are either searching for something or if we find it, we are afraid of losing it. It must be still a remnant of our animal instincts: look for something, get it and try not too lose it.

I guess we have to train ourselves to enjoy the ride, the flowers on the way, forget about fear and hope for the best! 🙂


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