Measuring Happiness

If someone asks you: “are you happy?” What would your answer be?

For almost everyone the automatic reply would be something like: “yes, I am”, or “I think I am”, or “I guess I am”.

But, how can we tell if we are truly happy or not? How can we decide? Is there any distinctive sign of happiness? How do we identify it?

There is a simple way to tell, or at least it works for me: count how many times you smile every day. Warm, content, satisfying, long lasting, almost endless smiles are the best way I can figure out I feel happiness. If nothing can wipe out a smile off your face, you are definitely happy.
If no matter what happens you are able to go back to that state of contentment, and smile as if you were staring at a calm ocean, you are happy.

More so, if you wake up every morning and smile at the world, it will surely smile back at you. Smiles and happiness feed on each other, so never ever stop smiling.