Time (or the Most Devilish Invention)

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There is an unfair distribution of time. Good times go fast, bad times just draaaag. Ever since time was created (who was that person?), there have been different ways of distributing it. Obligations take a big chunk of it every day. What is left then?

Of course, just like it happens with any other worthy resource, the time that’s left gets stolen, hidden, taken away and kept away from those unaware of its power.

There are so many hours a day that are just given away to things or people who do not deserve it, who are not worth it. Time is one of the most valuable resources we count on as human beings, without it, we are nothing. Timeless beings are either dust or unborn.

Once you’re given your allocation of time, use it wisely. Invest it on things and people that would make your life more valuable, more enjoyable, more appealing and more memorable. When time passes, we are left with memories. Let’s make the most of those and try they trigger a smile (or even a laughter) when we look back at them.

Therefore we shouldn’t settle for someone or for a situation or experience that would only give out crumbs of leftover time. We are worth so much more. Our time is.

And regardless, time is an invention. In a way, you can control it as you wish. Expand it like play dough by doing as much as you can. Be selfish when using it, for in the end, that is all that is left until we disappear: unused time. And it is ticking away. Always.

So no more just staring while time passes (us) by. Let’s let time stare at us while we live instead.


The Hundred Percent Rule

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This rule is being one of my most used ones for a few years now. It’s pretty simple but from time to time I need to remind myself about it.

It is either a hundred percent or nothing, it’s either all in or no gambling:ย put your heart into whatever you do or don’t do it.

Yes, pretty often your heart will end up in pieces and (hardly) floating in an alcoholic drink but hey, worth the chance…, right…?

Disruptive Behavior

Who hasn’t ever thought of breaking away, leaving everything behind and not looking back?

Well I would say that if you haven’t, you haven’t really lived.
The good side of wanting to break free is that we are fully living a situation, experiencing it to its deepest. Alright, you might call it “being wrapped up” in a situation, but the bottom of it is the same thing: being really there.

Then it is ok from time to time not only wanting to break free, but actually doing it, or doing something different, completely unexpected, outrageous, uncalled for and more importantly genuinely felt.

This picture of an apparently autumn sky was actually taken a couple of days ago, still in July. It was nice for a change to see what the clouds were like before the summer and what they will be like in a few months again.
I guess it is a quick reminder that things are not usually to stay the same, or even that they were never like they are today.

That disruptive behavior from time to time is healthy, we all are entitled to it, we deserve it and should not be penalized for it, because that capacity indeed is what makes us free.

Be disruptive some time (with measure of course) and enjoy it, it is completely fine. ๐Ÿ˜Š

The Things We Leave Behind

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Every time we go through turbulent times we tend to think about life and death, about being born, getting old and so on. Also on things we make, we keep, we lose or lost, or we should have sent away way before we did. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Of course when I say things, I also mean people.

We have all heard (and tried very often but succeeded from time to time) the carpe diem, the seize the day approach to life.

But, have we taken the time to realize what will happen after all that day-seizing?ย When I am no longer here, what am I going to leave behind?

Also, to those who are going to leave before me, what did I give them? What are they keeping with them when they depart?

Most unfortunately, there are certain things I can not give to those who are departing now.

Most of us will leave behind a family. And by family I like to use the broadest meaning of the word: family as the one we were born into, family as the one we might have created and family as the one we ย had been consciously acquiring for years (our dearest close friends).

The same way we fill our memory “pool” with daily experiences (you can check out a previous post about that topic here:ย https://thehabitante.wordpress.com/2013/06/30/take-a-dive/), we are filling other people’s lives with our interactions.

So don’t leave anything unwritten, don’t leave anything unsaid. I wish I knew more about people who are no longer around. And I hope that when I leave, people who stay know everything they want to know about me. That feeling of having missed out on something or someone must be one of the most dreadful ones a human being can experience when the moment comes when we have to leave or we have to see somebody leave.

That is one of the reasons this blog exists: if someone wants to know me better (on in a different way) once I’m gone, here’s an insight of my life and my thoughts. Therefore an insight of me.

A Candle’s Light

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A small candlelight can make a huge difference even in the darkest room.

Treat that light with awe and with care. Pay attention to everything that gets suddenly lit up and enjoy the presence of the brightness around. But more importantly, do not be scared of the shadows that light might project, because after all they are just that: shadows cast by your very own self.

(Another post about lights… I guess you figured out that I am very touched and amazed by lights lately) ๐Ÿ˜‰

Faraway, So Close

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There are some things we see very close to us, but they are actually very far away. You can feel them, and you can touch them, but they are not there.

And it works the other way around: some things look very far away, but they are indeed very close.

Not everything is as close (or as far away) as it seems. That is when life surprises us. All the time.

Summer Swallows

2013-07-18 12.15.06

Just above my terrace there’s a little drainage where swallows nest every year.

It’s so amazing that they come back every single year, to the same place. It is nice to hear the little ones at night, waiting for their parents to come back from their daily search for food.

I like to stand out at the terrace and look around to see them fly over the garden, and then back into their nest.

Every year the coming back of the swallows means the summer has arrived. They are so alive and full of energy that it is inspiring. They make me think of freedom. Every time.

And of course, my kitties love watching them too. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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