Take a Dive

Take a Dive

I have always thought that our mind is like a pool. Simple thought, but it works this way:
Little by little and day by day, we fill that pool with memories, experiences, happenings and whatever we register every day through our senses.
Those experiences and memories are like water filling the pool of our minds.
Some of those memories will leave the pool through a natural drainage system (things we don’t even know we are forgetting), some others we manually drain with a bucket (things we consciously forget) and some other things tend to cling to the sides of the pool in the shape of mushy green stuff, and no matter how hard we try to scrub it, there it is.

Every once in a while we take a dive into that pool and swim among those memories. And I would say the older we grow, the more often we swim a few lengths ;).

I invite you to take a long long dive and feel that water. Is it a comfortable swim? Is the water clear? Is it a calm or wavy pool?
Remember that we are responsible for the content of that pool, therefore we can change what we keep adding to it every day.

What does that mean? It means that every day we should think of what we are pouring in… how is that swim going to feel when in a few years time you look back and dive in?

To ensure that enjoyable dive, make sure you are creating good memories when living your everyday life.


Unconscious Demands

We are always told, for as long as we can remember, we ought to have a goal in life (what do you want to become when you grow up?).
Once we figure out that goal, day by day and little by little we create a pathway to get to it. That pathway has a few obvious milestones (a few other not so obvious), and those tell us whether we are getting closer to our final destination or not.

But… How many times do we shape our pathway according to unconscious demands and unconscious wishes?
Those unconscious demands are designed not only by the world around us, but by something that’s embedded deeper in us, undisturbed by the requirements of the outside world and the society in which we live in. Sometimes those unconscious demands even clash with our conscious goals.

I challenge you to look inside yourself, and most importantly be honest to yourself, and realize those unconscious demands. Why? Because that way you will understand the place where you are now, the pathway, the milestones, and the decisions that got you here and your present life will make more sense.

Besides knowing what we want to be, we should also have the answer to: “who do I want to be?”

If our unconscious mind brought us here, shouldn’t it be the right place to be?

This is my Home by the Sea, and once I’ve realized this is what I’ve (unconsciously) always wanted, I am more than happy with it.

In Good Company

Good company changes everything. It’s easy to figure that out. But really, do we fully realize how much having good company changes the way we perceive (and therefore live) things?

A drink by oneself is depressing, but when in good company it is a fun time.
Dreams by oneself are ok, but when in good company dreams become fuller and more worth living.
A problem becomes a challenge or even just another point of view when we are with someone we appreciate.

There are so many more examples…

Look for good company, because they also help you shape your life.
Do not be afraid of getting rid of those who do not bring to your life other than sadness and negativity, let the space free for those who will bring happiness and positive emotions.

Your life is also built on the people you are surrounded with, so choose them carefully!
Then, enjoy them and take care of them so they stay in your life for as long as possible.

To New Beginnings

To New Beginnings

Here’s to new beginnings.

Every time, no exception, an end brings a new and exciting beginning. Again: No Exception.
So from now on, look at something that’s ending as an opportunity to see something else begin. An end is a seed, just give it time to grow, you’ll see something new, exciting, stronger and more enjoyable coming out of the ground.

You just have to believe, as always.

First Summer Morning

First summer morningIMG_02342013-06-22 11.49.36-2

This is the first summer morning of the year.
The town looks amazing in the warm weather and the early sunlight.
Sometimes just the fact of realizing things that are in front of us makes them so much more special.
Noticing the warmth, the cool breeze, the different shades and the different lights and knowing it is the first morning of the summer makes us enjoy the walk around town even more.
Let’s try and enjoy the “right here, right now”.

Things are so much more special when we stop and *really* look at them.

The Quest of Serenity

The Quest of Serenity

There is no silver lining, so sometimes we all need a shelter, a refuge, a safe place where we can rest.
That place can be a physical place, but it most usually comes in the shape of a person, with the sound of some music, with the view of a nice scenery…

Look for your shelter, whatever it is. Once you have found it, make sure you return to it often enough, make sure you know how to get there as soon as you need it.

Happy searching. And enjoy the findings. 🙂